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Zenner's Quality Meat Products Inc, Sausages, Portland, OR


Wieners: Traditional hot dog flavor. Ours are skinless and 80% pork, 20% beef or all beef.

Frankfurters: Same flavor as the Wieners but all of our Frankfurters are 80% pork and 20% beef.

Cheddar Franks: The same as a Frankfurter, but wonderfully enriched with Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese.

Jalapeno Cheddar Franks: Same as the Cheddar Frank but laced with chunks of pickled jalapeno pepper. You'll find this at the heart of every NachitoTM.

Double Smoked Sausage: A coarse ground pork sausage made with 20% bacon! We add natural hickory smoke flavor in the mix, then stuff and hang for a pit stop in our alder hardwood smokehouse.

German Brand Smoked Sausage: Robust flavored sausage with a black pepper and garlic background. Good with beer, sauerkraut, scrambled eggs, potato dishes, etc. In a natural casing. Also can be used as an Oktoberfest sausage. The most popular locally made sausage in the city of Portland.

Louisiana Brand Red Hots: This is the sausage that was hot before hot was hot. The triple pepper formula makes your brain think you've burned your mouth, triggering the release of endorphins, source of the runner's high, the body's natural opiate pain killer. Warms you up in winter and at November tailgate parties. Ironically this baby cools you off in summer, too, as it triggers the body's cooling system.

Smoked Kielbasa: The classic Polish sausage, second most popular link at the Rose Garden in Portland.

Bockwurst: A mild white sausage made with pork, milk, eggs, onion and parsley. Known as Weisswurst when made fresh.

Linguisa: A Portuguese sausage coarse ground with garlic, paprika and other herbs and spices. Use anytime a recipe calls for a Polynesian sausage.

Andouille: A spicy Cajun influenced sausage studded with jalapeno pepper. One of our most versatile links.

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