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Zenner's Quality Meat Products Inc, Sausages, Portland, OR

No Preservatives or MSG Added

Pork Link Sausage
: a traditional breakfast sausage, seasoned with sage, cloves and pepper, will complement any breakfast combinations.

Pork Maple Links Sausage: this breakfast sausage is loaded with real maple syrup, and traditional seasonings. Serve with pancakes or eggs and hashbrowns.

Italian Sausage: traditionally used with Italian dishes (spaghetti, lasagna and marinara sauces). Can be used to make meat ball hero sandwiches, mixed with scrambled eggs or in meatloaf for distinctively different flavors.

Hot Italian Sausage: has more heat than regular Italian sausage. use when you want more character than Italian, or blend the two together to get Italian sausage with warm spicy flavor.

Bratwurst: a great sandwich sausage by itself or with grilled sauerkraut or grilled onions and sweet peppers. Serve as a dinner sausage with the same sides, or with hot potato salad for a different dish.

British Style Bangers: a mild sausage with a hint of nutmeg flavor. Best when served as a dinner sausage in place of any meat entree.

Chorizo: traditional south of the border influenced flavor. Use anytime you want a spicy sausage with a cumin and chili pepper background. Great scrambled with eggs or used in chili sauces.

Hungarian Style: good for putting a unique signature on dishes calling for something unusual. Garlic, paprika, salt and pepper combine to make a mouth watering delight.

Swedish Style Potato Sausage: a traditional Scandinavian sausage used around the Christmas holidays, but good anytime. Simmer in chicken broth and then brown on a grill and serve as a main entree with your favorite side dishes. Slightly sweet from the potatoes and spice.

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