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Zenner's Quality Meat Products Inc, Sausages, Portland, OR

No Preservatives or MSG Added

Mild Chicken Sausage: this sausage is just as its name implies, "mild". Subtly seasoned so you can use this sausage in a sandwich with grilled onions and sweet peppers, or with sauerkraut that has been grilled to bring out its sweet intense flavor. Add to pasta dishes or serve as buffet sausage on a brunch line. An all around sausage that is easy to fit into any menu.

Chicken Basil/Sun-dried Tomato: the sweet rich taste of sun-dried tomato with the mild undertone of sweet basil makes this sausage a great stand alone entree. Accent with any gourmet mustards or personal sauces for a great entree. Serve with any pasta dishes or make as a sandwich sausage.

Chicken with Apple: a slightly sweet sausage with chunks of fresh apples and mildly seasoned. Goes great on a brunch line or where a light fruity sausage is needed.

Chicken Sicilian Black Olive: this is the sausage that says "Mediterranean." Lots of rich black olive in a spicy rich sausage made from healthy chicken meat create a unique flavor that is "delicious" when served by itself. When served with pasta and marinara sauces the sausage comes to life with its unmatched hot and spicy flavor. Use this sausage to replace Italian sausage for a delightful change. Magnificio!

Chicken Italian: all the true flavor of regular Italian sausage, but made with healthy fresh chicken meat. Wonderful for the upscale restaurant or consumers who promote healthy menus. Use the same way as you would regular Italian sausage.

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