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Zenner's Quality Meat Products Inc, Sausages, Portland, OR

About Zenner's

The year was 1927. The twenties were roaring along when eighteen-year old George Zenner Sr. opened Zenner's Market on Northeast Glisan at 53rd in Portland, Oregon. With his Father on board, and decades of smoked meat and sausage making experience behind them, Zenner's Market began establishing a tradition of quality that George Zenner Jr. and his seasoned staff maintain and build upon to this day. Gone now is the retail market, along with the famous stuffed pork chops and custom cutting. Today, from their current location on Northwest Kearney Street, Zenner's Sausage produces the finest sausages and smoked meats available. Frankfurters, Bratwurst, Louisiana Red Hots, a wide variety of Chicken Sausage, Alder Smoked Hams and Bacon; in all Zenner's today produces over forty different products, as well as many custom recipes for restaurants and retail outlets. Striving for what founder George Zenner, Sr. called "Eat-More Flavor", the Zenner's team carefully combines savory spices and herbs from around the world with the finest meats. But it takes more than just great ingredients. They also follow age-old traditions in the curing, smoking and "resting" of the meats, bringing each variety to its absolute peak of flavor and texture before it's rushed to market. This family-run operation prides itself on being the kind of company where George Zenner can know and work with each individual employee.

85 years later, Zenner's Sausages is still pleasing crowds young and old on a daily basis, and keeping the community strong with events like the Oak's Park Oktoberfest each year.

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